Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Generous Lion

When my oldest daughters, Tracee and Kelly, were quite young, their Grandma Mary gave them each a mug for their hot chocolate.  Tracee's was a lion, Kelly's was a monkey with the tails forming the handle.  Cute little mugs they were, and used on a daily basis.  After the girls were both grown and settled I passed them on.  

I can't tell you right now what happened to the monkey mug - I'd love to remember or find out.  You never really know what makes something an heirloom, but I believe one of these mugs, the lion mug, was approaching this status.

Until today.  Kelly sent me this picture this evening.

It's what happens to a mug when it's thrown out the door onto the patio.  Cohen did it.  We'll never know why.  R.I.P., lion mug.  You gave lovingly for over 20 years.

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hllewis said...

Sad but hilarious...."he threw it out the door" I know why.....he was done!!