Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last fall I went along on one of Bob's planning conferences.  The Army post there had an excellent craft store that a friend, also with her husband at the same conference, convinced me to go see.  I got enthused!  I used to crochet blankets all the time and it had been years since I'd made one, and right then and there decided to make another one.

I bought a pattern book and materials and this was the end result.  Not bad for a "first" try.  It will always be ours, however, because it's shape is a little off.  Someday I'll try the pattern again and get it right, but for a "first" try I was just too impatient to count 180 stitches each row.

And then I got validation.  Early this year in a sacrament meeting talk someone said that we should always be creating something and that if it gave us pleasure we should invest in it and nurture it.  So I bought some more yarn and made another blanket.

Feeling somewhat the expert, I next picked an adorable pattern that I thought I would do for my sister's first baby, due about the time as my new grandson.  Well you know what they say about new construction of houses?  How you should allow 25% more money and time?  Well it applied to this project, and by the time I was done with it, I hated it.  I was never so glad to clear up that one square meter of space in my sitting room, and get it mailed.

Noah's Ark

Elephant and Camel

 The rat-opotamus 

Sheep and Giraffe

Somewhere, over a rainbow......


.....two by two......

My next project is all one color, less complicated and works quickly.  I'll keep you posted.



The McBride Family said...

Wow I am sooo impressed!! I love them all but ESPECIALLY love the Noah's Ark one! I love crafts but crocheting is not one I know how to do! :)

hllewis said...

Nice Becky!! It reminded me of Granny Nelson always making quilts. I especially liked the rat-opotamus....cracked me up! I tried crocheting a scarf's still half done so kuddos to you!

The Grows said...

I think it ia just amazing. You did such a great job. The Noah's ark one is so cool. I have never seen anything like it before. On a side note if you start making too many blankets a need to give one away, we have a baby due in February.

Jess and Jen said...

Those blankets are great. Noah's Ark is amazing! Looks like a LOT of work though! -Jen

marcie said...

Goodness sakes woman! You never do anyhthing the easy way. Most people "creep" back into it, you jump full on and did a great job. I love the basket weave one. Good for you missy!!

Lizzie (a.k.a. Buffy) said...

Being the recipient of that wonderful and beautiful Noah's Ark blanket, I can very emphatically say it looks even better in person. I'm not so sure that my son Logan will end up using it as much as me :) Thanks Sis, it's awesome!!