Saturday, May 29, 2010

What you see

The last two posts I didn't include pictures because, well, I didn't take any of the airplane messes.  But I did take lots of pictures of my grandboys.

Getting to know Coby Dean

Kelly said our main assignment was to keep Carter and Cohen busy.  When we got to Tracee's we noticed that she needed some fixes to a closet so we were off to Lowe's and took the boys with us.  Now in my time I would have NEVER taken two little boys shopping anywhere with me, and most of all not to Lowe's.  But then "back then" there wasn't a Lowe's, and I wouldn't have had a fun Grandpa with me.

Tractor Races

Barnes and Noble for a book

We must have done a good job cuz they didn't last long once we got them in the car.

Coby hanging with Grandpa

Today's activity:  a train ride to Glenwood Springs.

Kelly decided to go at the last minute, since she'd never taken the train through Glenwood Canyon.  It's fuzzy cuz American trains just aren't as smooth as German trains.  Jenny was hogging the baby and it was the only way I could get a picture of Coby on his first train ride.

Aunt Tracee provided the games.  Here's Cohen trying to break into "Pass the Pigs."

Cohen, nearly asleep at the window.

Now just where was that ice cream parlor?

Garret, Jenny and Carter

And all this time I thought Glenwood Springs was famous for it's springs.

Speaking of which - View of the hot springs and Hotel Colorado from the train station.

A guy's gotta do something while waiting for a train.....

And here it is now!

We're proud of all of our sons-in-law, even Kevin (in costume for a part in Carter's birthday party).

Who knew?   A campfire in the back yard for a Sunday afternoon wiener roast!

Coby chillin' with Grandpa.

Walking Trooper.  And Carter.

And Cohen.

And a break to climb trees.

Took Coby to the park.

And Cohen.

And Carter.

Then to Uncle Rob's to play with his Hotwheels.

Playing Chutes and Ladders with Carter.

"Da train, da train!!

The parting shots


The Grows said...

I love all the pictures. It looks like you guys had a great time as long as you weren't traveling. The boys are so cute. I bet they were a blast and every exhausting.

hllewis said...

Wonderful pictures Becky!! Aren't grandkids the greatest?? If you ever need a place to stay in the Springs you better stop by...we're always open.

The Mortensens said...

It looks like you had such a great time! How brave you are to take the to Lowe's!

Your hair looks great by the way. :)

marcie said...

aahhhh. what cute boys! Bob is such a cool grmaps! It's so cute , I can just hear him talking to and teasing them.

If we talk about coming to Germany (I'd like to see more action and less talk!)Kate always says she doesnt like it, but, it's ok if we don't take her, but, only if we "don't go to Bob and Beckys. You can't go there without me." Pretty fun, you have a groupie!