Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Old Stuff

Since I got all turned on to facebook - you know you have one, 'fess up - it has been so much fun connecting with uncles and nieces and cousins and nephews. Folks, both related and not, that I haven't had contact with for years. Decades. Embarrassingly long periods of time. Now all of a sudden I can stalk--er … have contact with--all of them. When the number of Blaylock "friends" reached about 40 I decided to start a facebook group. About 30 have joined although they are pretty slow on the uptake in regard to participating and posting but that's OK. It will come.

The group page was looking a little lonely, except for profile pictures of the members, so I decided to post some pictures and rather than have them all be my kids and my grandkids I went searching through my digital file and picture boxes for extended family pictures and found some great oldies. I'm posting them here, too. See slideshow.

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