Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Fix or to Feast

It's quiet here this evening. My husband left earlier in the day for a business trip - will be gone all week. Confession: I really don't mind that at all!! I know there are those out there that worry about me ("Please call if you need anything while he's gone."). I like being home alone. The first 36 hours I tend to get naughty - stay up late, eat junk food, and watch trashy TV. After that I get repentant and settle down to the task at hand. However, tonight the quiet is nice. No junk food, no TV. I'm feeling quite mature about it all.

Thanksgiving is coming and the chit-chat at church today was all about Thanksgiving plans. I noticed that while everyone else was comparing plans and making big gatherings larger by inviting more people, I was thinking small - like going to an Army dining facility. No cooking, no clean-up, delicious food at rock bottom cost. OK, so there's no leftovers, either, but the payoff is a relaxing, enjoyable day. Don't get me wrong - I love to cook. I read recipes recreationaly and love trying them out, but why make more work for yourself? We have even toyed with the idea of going away for the long weekend. I know, that sounds down right unAmerican but hey, WE CAN! And here in Germany it's not a holiday - things will be open. Christmas markets will be starting up, there is snow in the Alps -- so many possibilities.

I love this empty nesting!

Thanksgiving 2006, Baumholder


Price Family! said...

Scott and I are going to go to the DFAC this year to have Thanksgiving. I am with you why cook and do all the work when their are only 2 people. I told Scott that you haven't been part of the miltary unless you have had a least one Thanksgiving there.
I like your new blog. I sure do miss and Germany. When you you talked about the Christmas Market I started to think about the great memories of going to them and how much miss them.

Millers! said...

So glad you have a blog! you can check mine out if you want. We are going home for thankgsiving... all Ihave to do is deviled eggs and green bean casserole, I that is relaxing... although Doug and I really were tempted to go to the DFAC instead of driving to Portland. I guess Family comes first!

Barlow Ohana said...

Hi Becky!

You didn't tell me you had a blog! I miss you...I hope everything is ok there, when are you coming back? We are doing good, my baby is finally better! I am excited to go see my parents in Brazil and life is good! Keep in touch and check out my blog to see my cuties! Love ya! Milena