Saturday, January 21, 2012


Just so's you don't think I've been too awfully idle lately, here are my latest projects.

 Laundry Basket - This was actually easier than I thought it was going to be.  Harder on the hands, but a pretty easy weave once it got going.  The inside is rather rough, which is where the rough part of the construction is supposed to be.  With time I'm sure even my rough stuff won't be so harsh.  Meanwhile, since this is a laundry basket, I think I'll have to line it so it doesn't snag the clothes.  Either that or relegate it to the garden.

Weed Basket - These were some of my first little projects.  They've just been hanging around my house so long I forgot to include them in the photographs.  They hold my... er... weeds.  You know, the parts of your flower arrangements that never die?

Potato Basket - This basket uses the same technique as an egg or melon basket only on a larger scale.  

Peach Basket - This one is actually a re-do.  I wasn't happy with the dye job on the first one (see below), or the weaving, or the shape, or the finish.....  so much wrong with the first one.  The blue looks better, my weaving is more even, but I still see lots of room for improvement.

And then there are the blankets.  

In July we got our very first grandgirl, Casey.  This pink and hearts was for her.  It looks good with the Cabbage Patch Kids in the antique baby bed, but now is at home in Casey's nursery, which is purple.  It works.

In November we got our fourth grandboy.  this time I tried knitting and for a first attempt it turned out pretty good.


Price Family!!! said...

You are so talented!!! I love all the basket even the ones in the blog below.. Great afghans too.. Very beautiful...

Kevin said...

I'm just wondering why my boys havn'et got a beautiful hand crochet'ed (sp) blankie. Should I have another to get one?!