Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ghost of Christmas Past

Some pictures from Christmases past.  In no particular order.....

2007--Jenny just home from her mission, some members from Baumholder Branch and some missionaries.

1984--Nyssa, Oregon.  Bob was serving a one-year unaccompanied tour (today it would be called a deployment) at a remote radar site in Korea, we had moved in with Grandma and Grandpa.  My brothers Roger and David, neice Keesha and Chris.

1984--Cousins Keesha and Chris

2006--Powderhorn, Colorado.  Several days after Chris and Lindsay's wedding.  Jenny was on her mission.

1989--Air Force Academy swim team Christmas training trip to San Diego, California.  Christmas Day, before heading to Disneyland, we stopped by the home of one or the cadet swimmers, Wes Hallman.

1990--Stadthagen, Germany.  Our first Christmas in Germany and our first ward Christmas party.  Stadthagen Ward holds it on Christmas Eve, in the chapel, with sacred music and gives gifts TO Santa to give to others.  And of course serve lovely soup and bread at the conclusion.

1993--Okinawa, Japan.  Christmas Eve after having been out sailing all day.  Tracee's first Christmas away from home spent with the grandparents.

1996--Okinawa, Japan.  Before going to serve the free Christmas dinner at the USO.

2000--Topeka, Kansas

1999--Topeka, Kansas

2002--Topeka, Kansas.  Chris had soloed and was about to get his private pilot's license.  He and his instructor took us all up for a ride on Christmas Eve.

2008--Koenigsee, Germany.  Rob, Tracee and Jenny "home" with us for Christmas

2008--Koenigsee, Germany.  We also visited Rothenberg and Salzburg.

2008--Jenny at Koenigsee

2004--Lawrence, Kansas.  Chris's graduation from University of Kansas and commissioning into the US Air Force.

1998--Topeka, Kansas

1997--Topeka, Kansas

For Christmas 2010 we will all be together at Powderhorn again.  

Dear Gentle Readers -
A Merry Christmas to you all, wherever you may celebrate and draw your families near.  



The Mortensens said...

What wonderful memories of Christmases past!

The Grows said...

Love them all. Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas memories.

marcie said...

How wonderful that you will all be together! We will enjoy knowing you are so close!! Merry Christmas sweet friends.

hllewis said...

Merry christmas Becky! Just heard from your mom. Give her a hug from me when you see her. She said she was going to Grand Junction. I told her it's like having dad and grandma rolled into one....her! Have a great time with your family.....

Keesha n David Brown said...

Awwwwww! Precious memories!

Alisa said...

wow...Chris looks sooo much like his Dad! Fun photos!!!