Thursday, September 2, 2010

"I'm sorry but our trailer is in your garden."

One morning last week I heard this awful noise/crash/bang (hard to describe).  I thought maybe one of the larger pictures hanging in the stairwell had fallen down and bounced down the stairs.  Before I could make it all the way down the stairs the doorbell rang, and the sweetest (English speaking) lady was standing at my door pointing to her trailer, which was very neatly and precisely parked in my front garden.  You can't see it in this picture, but the trailer is parked over one bush, and the wheel is delicately parked behind another.  Yet neither bush sustained any damage, nor did any of the randomly planted flowers (also under the trailer).  It looks like it was air-lifted in and dropped on the garden.

All I could do when I saw it was laugh.  We both laughed.  This couple was driving home with a load of laminate flooring when the trailer hitch on their car broke.  OK, back up a moment....  German's don't drive pick-up trucks, and their station wagons and all cars, actually, are on the small side.  But these little trailers are very popular and easy to pull behind even the smallest car.  So they were hauling their boxes, the trailer hitch broke, and from what we could see on the sidewalk, the trailer continued on it's way for a 100 feet or so, the tongue hit the little concrete barrier around my garden and catapulted over the bushes and into the garden where it came to rest, safely avoiding any plants.

The man half of this couple soon returned with another vehicle and boxes were shifted around so the trailer could be hooked up.  The very smart lady figured out that there was a jack under the tongue that could be used to elevate the tongue, which was heavy now with the load of flooring, but then the problem was how to get the trailer over the bushes.  Could drive forward - bush in the way.  Couldn't back up - bushes in the way.

This time it was my turn to have a brain storm.  I simply dug up the little bush in front of the tire and moved it to the back yard.  No sooner had I put my shovel away and washed my hands than the gentleman returned with two bottles of champagne.

I don't know, I thought it was a hilarious situation.  Thought I'd share it.


The Grows said...

That is great. Only in Germany would something like that happen. Oh how I miss that place. Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh.

marcie said...

I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE HOME!!!!! I have no life, and I missed your blogging! How was your trip to the states?

And Yes, only in Germany!!

The Whetten Family said...

That's so funny! It was nice of them to think of you like that...

Kari said...

I miss Germany!!! I'm sure they were so shocked that this happened! I couldn't even tell that you had moved a bush! What a great idea, and your little garden still looks fabulous!
Such a nice gesture of thanks also. Very nice people!