Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey! This isn't what I signed on for!

Bob retired from the Air Force in 1997.  AND in 2006.

He also returned to active duty in the Air Force in 2001.  AND again in 2010.  (Do you see a pattern developing here?)  I don't know how many times it takes to get it right, but this better be the time.  He has a three year contract that will put him pretty dang close to that 30 year mark for retirement pay (75% of what he is making right now for the rest of his life).

He put on his flight suit May 24, and on July 10 was handed a short-notice deployment, leaving in one week.  That's today.  He'll spend 120 days - get ready - in Florida supporting air operations for the oil spill clean up. Affectionately referred to as Tyndallistan.

It's embarrassing to even call it a deployment after watching the gut-wrenching deployments that the Army does - 15 months, to Iraq & Afghanistan after only being home 12 months since the last one.   I promise not to whine and moan.  And I won't brag about going to visit him for three weeks in August.

I salute you Army wives.  You know who you are:  Lesa, whose husband just returned; Rachel whose husband just returned; Sara whose husband just returned; Donna whose husband just returned and who had a baby while he was gone (!!); and all the Baumholder women whose husbands will soon be leaving for six weeks of training followed by 12 months in Afghanistan.  I salute you.


The Whetten Family said...

ohhh how exciting florida. If we were still in SC we would go visit him.. You should go visit him get some nice sun and beach time... Ahhhh.


You have to give yourself credit, though. I always thought that the first couple months and the last couple were the hardest. But I agree with Sara, woohoo for Florida! Have lots of fun seeing him there!

And yay for everyone's hubby come home safely!! God bless, Baumholder!!

Alisa and Jared said...

Wow! Florida! Definitely beats other locales!!

The Grows said...

Good luck. I hope time goes by quickly. I also hope this is the last sign up for your guys. Plus, I think whether it is a few months or 15 it is still hard to have you husband gone. So, you can at least have a small pitty party for your self tonight right? ;)