Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I love Rothenberg. It's a walled, medieval city in Germany. It's like Disney World only it's real old stuff, not new stuff made to look old. I love everything about it. I go there every chance I get. When people come to visit it's the first place I take them. It's only about three hours away, but it's so much better when you spend the night.

Even though I've been dozens of times, I still take lots of pictures. There is one spot where we have created a tradition of photographing our guests. It's a covered foot bridge at the Spitaltor. Last week we completed our family collection of photographs at the bridge with the visit of Rob and Tracee to Germany for Christmas. Come with us to Rothenberg and we'll add you to the gallery. I thought I'd share them.

Jenny and Bob, November 2007

Chris and Lindsay, November 2007

Paul and Wendy Clinton, and Kelsey, July 2007

Bob and I, May 2004

Kevin and Kelly Culver, and Jenny, March 2006
Jenny, November 2007

Rob and Tracee, December 2008


Price Family Adventure!!!! said...

I love that place too. It is cool when you stay the night. Oh how I miss seeing all the great old stuff. Oh how I miss my Germany. I am glad you share this.

Kari said...

Thanks Becky! I am now officially going through withdrawals! That was my FAVORITE city in all of Germany! It is beautiful and I love that it still has the original wall surrounding it! Thank you for sharing those pictures. It brought back many fond memories.